Surgical Oncology

Key Faculty:

  • Hyung L. Kim, MD

Kidney and Prostate Cancer - Hyung L. Kim, MD

Currently the laboratory is investigating the immune modulating effects of targeted therapies administered in combination with cancer vaccines.  The long-term goal of this project is to identify a combination therapy that includes an mTOR pathway inhibitor and a cancer vaccine that can be utilized efficaciously in humans. 

Another major area of focus involves the discovery and validation of clinically useful biomarkers for patients with kidney cancer.  We utilize molecular profiling on archival tumors from a large, multicenter phase III clinical trial.  

Selected Publications:

  • Kim, H.L., Sun, X., Subjeck, J.R., XY, W.,  Evaluation of renal cell carcinoma vaccines targeting carbonic anhydrase IX using heat shock protein 110.  Cancer Immunol Immunother 2007 July; 56(7):1097-105.
  • Wang, Y., Wang, X.Y., Subjeck, J., Kim, H.L.,  Carbonic Anhydrase IX has Chaperone-like Functions and is an Immunoadjuvant.  Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 2008 December; 7(12):3867-3877.
  • Kim, H.L., Shah, S.K., Tan, W., Shikanov, S.A., Zorn, K.C., Shalhav, A.L., Wilding, G.E.,  Estimation and Prediction of Renal Function in Patients with Renal Tumor. J Urol 2009 Apr; 181(6): 2451-60.