Residency Handbook

Residency Program Handbook

Program Goals
  Clinical Objectives
  Goals and Objectives by Year of Training
  Core Competencies
  Fundamentals of Surgery
Department of Surgery Supervision Policy  
Policy on Faculty Evaluation
  Required Conferences
  Skills Simulation Education Center
  Policy on Education-Related Benefits Trainees
  Policy on Program Evaluation
  Organizational Structure Clinical Services
  Responsibilities For Medical Student Education
  Participation in Research
  Policy on Resident Evaluation and Promotion
  Policy on Resident Eligibility
  Policy on Resident Selection
  Policy on Resident Duty Hours  
Resident Fatigue and Stress Policy
  Policy Ensuring Residents Have Adequate Rest
  Consults and Backup
  Resident Signout Policy
  Transition of care
  Supervisory Lines of Responsibility
  Resident Coverage
Moonlighting Policy  
Department of Surgery Supervision Policy
  OR Supervision Policy
  Attending Coverage
  Chain of Command
  Certification of Invasive Procedures
  Documentation of Operative Procedures
  Minimum Operative Case Policy
  Drug Enforcement Agency Policy
  Policy on Resident Travel for Professional Activities
  Professional Conduct and Attire
  Outpatient and Private Office Attendance Requirement
  Leaving the Hospital While On-Call
  Fire Training
   Policy on Email
Appendix 1: Matrix Conference
Appendix 2: Department of Surgery Semi-Annual Monitoring Meeting Record
Appendix 3-4: Travel Forms  
Appendix 5: Signout Template
Appendix 6: Supervision Grid