Hyperhidrosis Program

The Hyperhidrosis Program at Cedars-Sinai's Division of Thoracic Surgery provides a permanent cure for excessive sweating in the hands, feet and armpits. The procedure offers a 98 percent change of a cure for hyperhidrosis. Our surgeons, who have performed over 1,000 procedures, are among the world's most experienced with this special procedure.

Hyperhidrosis, an overproduction of perspiration in the hands, feet and sometimes the armpits, affects one in 200 Americans. It prevents these otherwise healthy people from doing the things they would like for fear of embarrassment or simply an inability to grasp items firmly.

People with hyperhidrosis often:

  • Are embarrassed to give a simple handshake
  • Are afraid to touch another person or hold hands
  • Smudge papers when handling them
  • Have anxiety or difficulty concentrating
  • Wash or wipe their hands constantly
  • Are unable to hold and swing a golf club or baseball bat
  • Are uncomfortable or unable to play a musical instrument
  • Have wet hair and burning eyes due to sweat
  • Have difficulty applying and wearing makeup
  • Have difficulty with a necktie
  • Hide their hands under the dinner table
  • Are embarrassed to handle documents or other items in public

Cedars-Sinai physicians have pioneered research and published articles on modern endoscopic techniques. The Hyperhidrosis Program, in conjunction with the surgical team in Thoracic Surgery, use smaller instruments (a three-millimeter compared to a 10-millimeter endoscope), allowing for smaller incisions, which typically results in less pain and a shorter recuperation period.

At Cedars-Sinai's Hyperhidrosis Program, patients receive an effective and permanent cure, called video-assisted thoracic endoscopic sympathectomy. We invite you to read on or to call 1-800-CEDARS-1 (233-2771) for more information or an appointment.