Urologic Oncology Program

urologic oncology program is integrated clinical trials and translationl research lab staffed with high level research professionals

The Urologic Oncology Program offers patients access to emerging therapies through its research programs. Those programs include integrated clinical trials and a translational research lab that supports pre-clinical and clinical drug studies for cancers. In an ongoing effort to build one of the nation's leading research facilities, the program is staffed by high-level research professionals. This team is on a campaign to find a cure for prostate cancer and collaborates with other leading specialists through the country. The program's team exchanges research and clinical insights to advance the fight against prostate cancer and, thanks to video conferencing, our physicians are able to communicate in real time with academic, scientific and clinical colleagues anywhere in the world, working as a virtual team.

Featured Condition

Prostate Cancer

With so many advancements in diagnostic, imaging, surgical and therapeutic approaches, a treatment plan exists for almost every individual diagnosed.

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Featured Research

Kidney Cancer May Improve with Vaccine Based Approach

Clinical trial aimes to provide kidney cancer patients long-term control of disease.

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