Prostate Cancer Treatment

When you have a cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland, several treatment options are available for you at the Urology Academic Practice in conjunction with the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute.

Removal of Lymph Nodes

If your prostate cancer is aggressive and it is necessary to rule out involvement of the lymph nodes in the pelvis, the lymph nodes can be removed laparoscopically or robotically. Five small cuts are made in the lower abdomen to reach the lymph nodes. This procedure usually requires an overnight stay.

Removal of the Prostate Gland (Radical Prostatectomy)

If removal of the prostate gland by surgery has been suggested to you, you may be a candidate for the robotic approach. The robot allows more precise viewing of the prostate and adjacent organs, magnified at 12 times their actual size.

The enlarged view of the area helps the surgeon preserve the nerves that control erection of the penis and make the sutures (stitches) to reconnect the urethra with the bladder, helping to preserve the patient's continence (ability to hold your urine without leaking). Whether this leads to improved potency (ability to achieve an erection) and continence is under study.

Physicians at the Urology Academic Practice have personally investigated this novel procedure and have done extensive research to refine the surgical technique.


Freezing of the prostate (cryoablation) is another treatment option for patients unable or unwilling to undergo surgery or other treatments, such as radiation therapy.