Women's Cancer Program

The Women’s Cancer Program brings together Cedars-Sinai physicians and scientists to focus on how cancer impacts women. This includes both gender-specific cancers (such as breast and ovarian), and other cancers that may affect women differently than men (such as lung cancer). Led by Beth Karlan, MD, the program represents a comprehensive approach that emphasizes research and cross disciplinary linkages to Cedars-Sinai's clinical programs. As one of the country's foremost translational research programs, the Women's Cancer Program offers a wide variety of research protocols and clinical trials to develop new approaches to early detection, prevention and individualized treatments that will improve cancer survival for women.

Patient Story

Awareness Starts With Family

Rachel Koszegi, a 33-year-old mother, is using her family's genetic history to contribute to cancer research, prevention and treatment.

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Featured Treatment

new drug in clinical trial to help women who harbor the BRCA gene mutation

BRCA Clinical Trials

Women who harbor the BRCA gene mutation have renewed hope, thanks to a new drug now in clinical trials. A pill that's potent and portable and targets breast and ovarian tumors...

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