The Women's Cancer Program offers gynecologic oncology clinics for women with gynecologic cancers. For more information or to make an appointment with a gynecologic oncologist, please contact:

Fay Shapiro
Phone: 310-423-5800

Patient Education

The Women's Cancer Program provides education that empowers women to protect themselves against cancer. We are diligently striving to enhance local, state and national educational efforts concerning women's cancers through public service announcements, educational brochures and seminars, disseminating available resources to women and sending trained volunteers to schools and community organizations to discuss women's cancers.

The program also hosts seminars for researchers and clinicians to discuss findings and promote new ideas. All education programs promote the importance of regular screenings for the early detection and prevention of cancer and the need for greater resources to investigate cancer.

Cedars-Sinai Resources

Outside Resources

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  • National Cervical Cancer Campaign


Uterine (Endometrial)


  • Anne's Vulvar Cancer Centre