Emergency Department Quality of Service

Evidence shows that when patients who have had a heart attack or who have pneumonia are brought into the Emergency Department receive specific types of treatment, they are more likely to get better faster and with few complications.

How the Emergency Department at Cedars-Sinai performed on these measures are reported below.


Receiving an aspirin as soon as possible after a heart attack can help prevent further damage to the heart and help patients recover better after having had a heart attack. The table below highlights how Cedars-Sinai's Emergency Department compares on this care quality measure compared to the top 10% of U.S. hospitals and U.S. hospitals on average. 


Emergency Department Care Quality MeasuresCedars-Sinai (Apr-Jun 2014)All Hospitals Nationwide*
(Ja 2013 -  Dec 2013)
Top 10% ScoredAverage
Aspirin on arrival  Percent of heart attack patients who receive aspirin within 24 hours of arriving at the hospital100%100%99%
Percutaneous coronary intervention Percent of heart attack patients with a blocked artery in the heart that is opened with balloon angioplasty (also known as PCI) within 90 minutes of arriving at the hospital100%100%96%



How quickly a pneumonia patient receives the appropriate and most effective antibiotic and whether or not the oxygen levels of their blood is assessed plays a significant role in avoiding complications and starting to recover quickly.  The table below shows how the Cedars-Sinai Emergency Department compared on important care quality measures compared to the top 10% and the average for U.S. hospitals.


Emergency Department Care Quality Measures for Patients With PneumoniaCedars-Sinai (**Oct-Dec 2013)All Hospitals Nationwide*
(Jul 2012 - Jun 2013)
Top 10% ScoredAverage
Blood cultures Percent of pneumonia patients who are given a blood test in the Emergency Department before antibiotics are given98%100%98%


*These data represent all hospitals across the United States that report data to The Joint Commission.

**This measure was discontinued by the Joint Commission, effective Jan 1, 2014.

To review patient satisfaction ratings for the Emergency Department at Cedars-Sinai, click here.

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