Pregnancy Care Quality Measures

The following measures are based on evidence that the practices described in the left column lead to better outcomes for patients who come to a hospital to deliver babies.

Pregnancy Care Quality Measures Cedars-Sinai
 Jul - Sep 2017
All Hospitals Nationwide
(April 2016 - March 2017)
Top 10% Scored Average

Early Elective Delivery: percentage of elective C-sections or inductions between 37-39 weeks

A lower number is better.

2% 0% 2%

C-Section Rate
Deliveries by C-section relative to all deliveries

25% 14% 27%

Use of Antenatal Steroids: patients at risk of preterm delivery receiving antenatal steroids prior to delivering preterm newborns

A higher number is better.

100% 100% 98%

Exclusive Breast Feeding: exclusive breast milk feeding during the newborn's entire hospitalization

A higher number is better.

61% 74% 53%

This data represents all hospitals across the United States that report data to The Joint Commission. View additional quality information about the care for women during pregnancy, labor and delivery.