BIRI Membership

Membership in the Biomedical Imaging Research Institute (BIRI) serves to recognize significant contributions to Cedars-Sinai imaging research, and application is available to Cedars-Sinai faculty, medical staff, and certain other individuals with expertise to enrich the overall interdisciplinary research environment of BIRI. Members have an interest in imaging-related research, clinical trials and training, and meet the criteria outlined below.

Membership Criteria

Core Member

Candidates for Core Member are faculty or medical staff with expertise to enrich the overall research environment of BIRI and have demonstrated commitment to imaging research and independent scientific productivity. At least one of the following eligibility criteria must be met, in addition to the core requirements:

  • Has secured current imaging research grants from the National Institutes of Health or other peer-review agency or organization.
  • Has submitted a competitive grant application and is a lead author (first or senior) of peer-reviewed imaging-related publication(s) within the past three years.
  • Conducts imaging-related research as a principal investigator of a Cedars-Sinai Internal Review Board (IRB)- or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)-approved study or serves as a leader in extramural imaging-related programs, and is a lead (first or senior) author of peer-reviewed imaging-related publication(s) within the past three years.
  • Is a newly recruited faculty member in an imaging-research field applying for independent competitive funding within three years of recruitment.
  • Is a faculty or medical staff member who holds a BIRI-level leadership position and contributes to the research objectives in important ways that lead to furthering the research mission of the BIRI (research programs, committees or shared resources).

Collaborative Member

Candidates for Collaborative Member are faculty or medical staff with expertise to enrich the overall research environment of BIRI but who are unable to commit to the level of activity required of Core Membership. At least one of the following eligibility criteria in addition to the core requirements must be met:

  • Conducts clinical research as a principal investigator of Cedars-Sinai IRB-approved clinical trials or accrues significant numbers of patients to such clinical trials.
  • Is a principal investigator or co-investigator of a Cedars-Sinai IRB- or IACUC-approved research protocol who systematically contributes to the research as a key collaborator (for example, provides diagnostic expertise, directs laboratory experiments, etc.).

Core Requirements

Candidates for Core Member or Collaborative Member must meet both of the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated commitment to research, teaching, educational and/or training programs related to imaging.
  • Regular attendance and participation in BIRI-sponsored seminars, committees and forums.

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities


Members may be eligible for participation in various BIRI initiatives, including but not limited to the following:

  • Use of BIRI shared resources, depending on resource. Examples may include priority use of the Imaging Core and research support (including grant and financial management, regulatory assistance, research staff support, etc.).
  • Application for targeted funding, developmental funds, and interim research support as available or offered by BIRI.
  • Participation in planning program development.
  • Participation in BIRI-sponsored educational seminars, special educational events and educational retreats.
  • Participation in marketing, postings and features on website and other activities as developed by the BIRI.
  • Shared use of BIRI office and research space for BIRI-related purposes when appropriate and depending on availability.


Members are expected to contribute to BIRI through support of and participation in BIRI activities and to:

  • Support BIRI's mission, goals and priorities.
  • Demonstrate collaboration and interaction with other BIRI investigators and inform the director and/or program leader of imaging-related intramural research proposals and extramural grant applications in which members are or plan to be involved in order to better plan and implement programs and to document the BIRI's research base.
  • Provide BIRI with an annual summary of research activities and an updated NIH bio-sketch (including all publications and research support) and list the BIRI as an affiliation on all publications.
  • Participate in BIRI inquiries and research audits as needed.
  • Serve on program and review committees as needed.
  • Provide information to BIRI on Cedars-Sinai-based imaging studies (including up-to-date patient accrual information and external audit reports) regardless of whether BIRI shared resources have been utilized.
  • Notify BIRI leadership prior to external research audits.

Membership Term

Membership shall have a renewable term of two (2) years and may be terminated by BIRI in its sole discretion for failure to meet the applicable membership requirements.

Application Procedure

The BIRI executive committee will review applications and notify candidates within 4–6 weeks of receiving a completed application. Please contact Eileen Da Vido at or 310-423-7520 to request an application.