Department of Biomedical Sciences

The Department of Biomedical Sciences was created in 2007 as the first non-clinical department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The emerging reality was that the community of scientists at the Medical Center was broadening to include an increasing number of basic biomedical scientists.

The Department’s central mission is to provide an appropriate “home” for this community and to create an infrastructure for graduate research education. Since the basic science community had the ability and desire to educate graduate students, a new Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine was established in 2007.

In the area of clinical and translational research, it was apparent that clinically-trained doctors, who wished to engage in research, were ill-equipped to do this, since their pre- and postdoctoral medical education programs had not included education in the methods of clinical science. To address this, the Clinical Scholars Program was also established in 2007.

Finally, given that the expanding community of basic scientists was attracting an expanding community of postdoctoral scientists, an infrastructure and support system for this sector was needed. A Postdoctoral Scientist Program was initiated in 2009.