Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute

Hero image credit: Copyright 2007 American Diabetes Association
 From Diabetes®, Vol. 56, 2007; 1489-1501. Reprinted by permission of The American Diabetes Association.

Estrogen, Androgens and Metabolism

Estrogen has been shown to be protective in regulating weight, browning of fat and lower rates of diabetes in women.

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Weight-Loss Surgery and Diabetes

Scientists have discovered that gastric bypass surgery has been shown to eliminate Type 2 diabetes in 40 to 85 percent of diabetic patients.

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Institute Director

Richard Bergman, PhD

"Our goal is to find ways to reduce obesity and to suppress the linkage between obesity and insulin resistance and diabetes."
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Innovative Partnership

Sports Spectacular

Linking world-class athletes and innovative research to advance healthier futures for all.

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