Previous Research: Islet Beta Cell Research on Insulin Secretion

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Woolcott OO, Richey JM, Chow R, Kirkman EL, Stefanovski D, Hsu IR, Lottati M, Ionut V, Zheng D, Harrison LN, et al. Evidence of increased CB-1 receptor activity in isolated pancreatic islets from high fat-fed dogs. 69th Scientific Sessions 2009:1643-P.

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Richey JM, Woolcott OO, Kim SP, Stefanovski D, Ionut V, Catalano K, Chiu J, Hsu I, Harrison L, Lottati M, et al. Effect of CB-1 antagonist (rimonabant) to increase insulin sensitivity, independent of weight loss. 67th Scientific Sessions 2007: 0248-OR.

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