Carol Liang, MD, MBA

Research Scientist, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Phone:(424) 315-4304

Awards and Activities

American Thoracic Society2004
American Thoracic Society2013
Chinese American Lung Association2014

Research Focus

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of lung inflammation and fibrosis, the role of extracellular matrix component (hyaluronan) and innate immunity in lung injury and fibrosis, and the role of lung stem cells in epithelial injury and repair.

Research Contributions

discovered Toll-like receptors, TLR4 and TLR2 as the signaling receptors for hyaluronan during non-infectious lung injury; identified the role of hyaluronan and hyaluronan binding proteins in human asthma and the role of CD44 in resolution of lung inflammation; identified a macrophage subpopulation that promotes apoptotic cell clearance and resolution of lung inflammation.

Current investigations include:

1. Innate immunity and matrix interactions regulate lung injury and repair. Current study focuses on the role of TLR4 and hyaluronan interaction in type II cell regeneration in bleomycin induced lung injury and repair. We are using genetically modified mice targeting TLR receptors, TLR signaling molecules, hyaluronan synthase to investigate the mechanism of TLR components in pulmonary fibrosis.

2. Molecular mechanisms of lung fibrogenesis. Current study is to identify genetic signature that contributes to the invasive phenotype of fibroblasts from IPF lung .

Selected Publications

  1. Liang J, Jiang D, Jung Y, Xie T, Ingram J, Church T, Degan S, Leonard M, Kraft M, Noble PW: Role of hyaluronan and hyaluronan-binding proteins in human asthma. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol., 128(2): 403-411.e3, 2011
  2. Liang J, Jiang D, Griffith J, Yu S, Fan J, Zhao X, Bucala R, Noble PW: CD44 is a negative regulator of acute pulmonary inflammation and lipopolysaccharide-TLR signaling in mouse macrophages. J. Immunol., 178(4): 2469-75, 2007
  3. Liang J, Jung Y, Tighe RM, Xie T, Liu N, Leonard M, Gunn MD, Jiang D, Noble PW: A macrophage subpopulation recruited by CC chemokine ligand-2 clears apoptotic cells in noninfectious lung injury. Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol., 302(9): L933-40, 2012
  4. Jiang D, Liang J, Fan J, Yu S, Chen S, Luo Y, Prestwich GD, Mascarenhas MM, Garg HG, Quinn DA, Homer RJ, Goldstein DR, Bucala R, Lee PJ, Medzhitov R, Noble PW: Regulation of lung injury and repair by Toll-like receptors and hyaluronan. Nat. Med., 11(11): 1173-9, 2005
  5. Teder P, Vandivier RW, Jiang D, Liang J, Cohn L, Puré E, Henson PM, Noble PW: Resolution of lung inflammation by CD44. Science, 296(5565): 155-8, 2002
  6. Li Y, Jiang D, Liang J, Meltzer EB, Gray A, Miura R, Wogensen L, Yamaguchi Y, Noble PW: Severe lung fibrosis requires an invasive fibroblast phenotype regulated by hyaluronan and CD44. J. Exp. Med., 208(7): 1459-71, 2011