Dan Gazit, PhD, DMD

Co-Director, Skeletal Program, Regenerative Medicine Institute

Co-Director, Skeletal Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy


Institute Affiliation

Regenerative Medicine Institute

Awards and Activities

Issac Kaye innovations award2011
The Golda Meir Fellow for Excellence, Doctoral Degree1987
Member, Editorial BoardCurrent
Member, Editorial boardCurrent
Member, Editorial boardCurrent
Member, Musculo-Skeletal Disorder Committee2004 - 2013
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee2005
Chair, Progenitors and Stem Cells Topic Committee2010 - 2012
Member, Tissue Engineering Committee2010 - 2013

Research Focus

Stem cell-based skeletal tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Investigate the use of adult stem cells, derived from various tissues of the human body, for the regeneration of bone, cartilage, tendon/ligament and the intervertebral disc. Combining isolated stem cells with differentiation-inducing genes and biodegradable scaffolds could lead to novel therapeutic solutions for patients suffering from non-union fractures, osteoarthritis, tendon tears, osteoporosis and spine disorders.

Research Contributions

Spearheaded the use of genetically modified mesenchymal stem cells for skeletal tissue repair. Identified specific genes, which induce chodrohgenic and tenogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells. Leader in the use of molecular imaging in stem cell-based skeletal tissue engineering.

Current investigations include:

Development of novel tracers and multimodality imaging systems for stem cell tracking in vivo; The use of smart biomaterials for the enhancement of stem cell survival and differentiation; Injectable, genetically modified, mesenchymal stem cells to treat osteoporotoic vertebral fractures and interebertebral disc degeneration.

Selected Publications

  1. Zilberman Y, Kallai I, Gafni Y, Pelled G, Kossodo S, Yared W, Gazit D: Fluorescence molecular tomography enables in vivo visualization and quantification of nonunion fracture repair induced by genetically engineered mesenchymal stem cells. J. Orthop. Res., 26(4): 522-30, 2008
  2. Aslan H, Kimelman-Bleich N, Pelled G, Gazit D: Molecular targets for tendon neoformation. J. Clin. Invest., 118(2): 439-44, 2008
  3. Tai K, Pelled G, Sheyn D, Bershteyn A, Han L, Kallai I, Zilberman Y, Ortiz C, Gazit D: Nanobiomechanics of Repair Bone Regenerated by Genetically Modified Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Tissue engineering. Part A, , 2008
  4. Zilberman Y, Gafni Y, Pelled G, Gazit Z, Gazit D: Bioluminescent imaging in bone. Methods Mol. Biol., 455: 261-72, 2008
  5. Aslan H, Ravid-Amir O, Clancy BM, Rezvankhah S, Pittman D, Pelled G, Turgeman G, Zilberman Y, Gazit Z, Hoffmann A, Gross G, Domany E, Gazit D: Advanced molecular profiling in vivo detects novel function of dickkopf-3 in the regulation of bone formation. J. Bone Miner. Res., 21(12): 1935-45, 2006
  6. Hoffmann A, Pelled G, Turgeman G, Eberle P, Zilberman Y, Shinar H, Keinan-Adamsky K, Winkel A, Shahab S, Navon G, Gross G, Gazit D: Neotendon formation induced by manipulation of the Smad8 signalling pathway in mesenchymal stem cells. J. Clin. Invest., 116(4): 940-52, 2006

Lab Information

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