Gordon Wu, M.D.

Director, Transplant Immunology Laboratory

Phone:(310) 423-5393
Fax:(310) 423-7662

Institute Affiliation

Regenerative Medicine Institute

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, Surgery

Awards and Activities

Research Career Development Award2002
Career Development Award2000
Upjohn Young Investigator Award1993
WHO Scholarship1988

Research Focus

1. B cell sensitization to HLA. Use transgenic mouse models and immunological experimentations to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing B cell production of alloantibodies.
2. Allograft fibrosis. To examine the pathogenic role of mesenchymal progenitor of intragraft fibroblasts.
3. Immunogenicity of induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC). Utilize stem cell differentiation cultures, tissue typing, animal models and immune assays to define the immunogenic properties of IPSC.

Current investigations include:

Regulation of B cell responses to alloantigens by Treg and Tfh cells.

Selected Publications

  1. Zhu H, Mitsuhashi N, Klein A, Barsky LW, Weinberg K, Barr ML, Demetriou A, Wu GD: The role of the hyaluronan receptor CD44 in mesenchymal stem cell migration in the extracellular matrix. Stem Cells, 24(4): 928-35, 2005
  2. Wu GD, Tuan TL, Bowdish ME, Jin YS, Starnes VA, Cramer DV, Barr ML: Evidence for recipient derived fibroblast recruitment and activation during the development of chronic cardiac allograft rejection. Transplantation, 76(3): 609-14, 2003
  3. Wu GD, Nolta JA, Jin YS, Barr ML, Yu H, Starnes VA, Cramer DV: Migration of mesenchymal stem cells to heart allografts during chronic rejection. Transplantation, 75(5): 679-85, 2003
  4. He Y, Sadahiro T, Noh SI, Wang H, Todo T, Chai NN, Klein AS, Wu GD: Flow cytometric isolation and phenotypic characterization of two subsets of ED2 (CD163) hepatic macrophages in rats. Hepatol. Res., , 2009
  5. Wu GD, Wang H, Zhu H, He Y, Barr ML, Klein AS: Genetic modulation of CD44 expression by intragraft fibroblasts. J. Biochem., 144(5): 571-80, 2008
  6. Wu GD, He Y, Chai NN, Toyoda M, Dunn R, Kehry MR, Klein AS, Jordan SC: Anti-CD20 antibody suppresses anti-HLA antibody formation in a HLA-A2 transgenic mouse model of sensitization. Transpl. Immunol., 19(3-4): 178-86, 2008