International Research Networking - RECOOP

International Research Networking – RECOOP HST Association

The Regional Cooperation for Health, Science and Technology (RECOOP HST) Consortium, led by Cedars-Sinai, was formed in 2006 and transformed into the RECOOP HST Association in 2012. RECOOP HST includes 18 universities and academic organizations from eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine) and the United States. The association is a structured, functional and working research organization. According to its mission statement, "The RECOOP HST Association explores and enhances local scientific outputs of the partner organizations, creates critical mass of scientifically sound innovative research at the regional level and exploits the research outcomes at the global level to improve the prevention and treatment of major public health problems."

RECOOP HST builds multinational, multidisciplinary collaborations. The association coordinates, assists and supports the research activities of the 18 Cedars-Sinai RECOOP Research Centers (CRRC). Implementations of RECOOP HST’s strategic goals enable diverse talents geared toward integration of new knowledge derived from multidisciplinary research to explore common mechanism of diseases and investigate the role of sex and gender. RECOOP HST scientists investigate the consequences of overweight and obesity, which are major public health problems, and the related noncommunicable diseases such as metabolic (peripheral and central insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes mellitus), reproductive, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, and some cancers, using nanobiotechnology.

Member Organizations