The Compliance team is responsible for the following areas within SRFA: the faculty Time and Effort reporting system, export controls, staff online training courses (GRO - grants and research orientation) and SRFA's internal policies and procedures.

Time and Effort

Cedars-Sinai faculty staff, nonfaculty staff and principal investigators — including employee physicians supported by research, grant and federal (Medicare) funds — are required to report their time and effort in compliance with federal regulations and mandates as provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Institutes of Health.

Time and effort are recorded and certified via the Web-based Time and Effort reporting application, which also performs basic calculations such as allocating the time by percentages to cost centers, activity IDs and paid time off.

Export Controls

Cedars-Sinai complies with all laws and regulations, including those governing export controls, which are governed federally by the Department of Commerce, Department of State and the Department of the Treasury. In certain circumstances, these departments may require Cedars-Sinai to secure a license before sharing items or information with another country or a foreign national, or when traveling overseas. If you have any questions pertaining to export control regulations or determining whether a license is needed, please contact Tansy Aguilar at


Felicia Beanum
Assistant Director, Research Finance & Compliance

Phone: 323-866-6937
Assigned Departments/Divisions: all departments

Aida Sharapkhanyan
Time and Effort Coordinator

Phone: 323-866-6958
Assigned Departments/Divisions: all departments

Brent Meinders
Time and Effort Systems Analyst

Phone: 323-866-6951
Assigned Departments/Divisions: all departments