Just in Time

NIH policy allows the submission of certain elements of a competing application to be deferred until later in the application process, after peer review when the application is under consideration for funding. This process is known as "Just-in-Time" (JIT). For NIH proposals, within the Status module of the eRA Commons, your grant officer will submit Just-In-Time information on your behalf when requested. Through this module, grant officers electronically submit the information that is requested after the review, but before award. Other federal agencies have a variety of methods for submission of JIT information. Your grant and contract officer can advise you on the best method for submitting JIT information to your sponsoring agency.


As the PI, do I respond directly to the sponsor when I receive the JIT electronic notification of potential award?

Not always. A response will be required if you are in a fundable range, but some federal agencies, including NIH, will provide a link in their electronic portal for submission of JIT information to all scored applications. It is generally more appropriate to wait for an actual request for JIT information. Your grant and contract officer can advise you on the timing of JIT information.


What information is typically requested at the JIT stage?

Sponsors will typically request current IACUC/IRB or other required assurances, as well as an updated list of Other Support. If a proposal's budget has been reduced significantly from what was initially requested, the sponsor will likely request a revised budget as well. Sponsors also may ask for additional information regarding specific budget items, e.g. quotations for proposed equipment purchases.


Does a JIT request indicate a guarantee of funding when I have scored well within the fundable range?

No, there are no guarantees, but there is a strong possibility of an award.