Grants and Research Orientation

Grants and Research Orientation (GRO) courses are designed to give each new research administrator a solid foundation in regulatory principles and best practices, as well as provide practical instruction and guidance in navigating the many forms, policies and procedures related to management of grants and clinical trials. GRO 101, 201, 401 and 501 are required for all departmental research administrators.

GRO 101: Cost Principles

  • Module 1: Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards
  • Module 2: 45 CFR Part 74, Appendix E (OASC-3)
  • Module 3: Audit Requirements for Federal Awards

GRO 102: Clinical Trials — The Legal and Regulatory Environment

GRO 201: Proposal and Budget Preparation

  • Module 1: Components of a Proposal
  • Module 2: Developing and Preparing the Budget
  • Module 3: Writing the Budget Justification and Preparing Cedars-Sinai Internal Forms
  • Module 4: Special Approvals, Submitting the Proposal and Planning Review

GRO 202: Budget Development for Industry Funded Clinical Trials

GRO 301: National Institutes of Health – A Guided Tour

  • Module 1: Overview of the NIH
  • Module 2: Orientation to the NIH Application Process
  • Module 3: How to Complete an NIH Application Using
  • Module 4: Working in the eRA Commons

GRO 401: Grant and Award Management

  • Module 1: The Award Process
  • Module 2: Issuing Subawards and Subrecipient Monitoring
  • Module 3: Award Modifications, Extensions and Closeouts
  • Module 4: Award and Principal Investigator Transfers

GRO 501: Financial Management of Sponsored Projects

  • Module 1: Understanding Financial Reports
  • Module 2: Portfolio Management and Expenditure Review

GRO 502: Special Topics in Financial Management of Sponsored Projects

  • Module 1: Internally Funded Projects

GRO 503: Special Topics in Financial Management of Sponsored Projects

  • Module 1: Understanding PeopleSoft Project Security

GRO 601: Export Controls


To learn more about GRO courses, please contact Joanne Lazzaro, senior research curriculum specialist, at 310-423-4603 or