Packing Your Bags

Pack as lightly as possible.  You will have to carry everything yourself once you arrive, and you will have a better sense of what you actually need once you settle in.  There are many places to go shopping in Los Angeles and near CSMC that are within walking distance.  There are also public buses that you can take to go shopping, if necessary.

Go to the One Bag web site where you will find packing lists, advice and important links, including a link to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration web site to find out which items are prohibited for air travel.

You can expect warm and sunny days year round in Los Angeles.  Typical high temperatures are 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, 60-75 degrees during fall, winter and spring.  So whenever you come, bring sunglasses, comfortable summer clothes, and a light jacket and you’ll be ready to enjoy the great weather that has helped to make this such a popular city.

Be sure to check out the Los Angeles Visitor Bureau’s website  for additional helpful information about living in Los Angeles.