International Travel

All International students, scholars, staff and family members planning to depart temporarily from the U.S. must have the following documents specific to their immigration status:

  • Evidence of a job offer or evidence of resumption of employment (including self-employment and unpaid research)
  • The Form I-20 should be signed by an advisor on page 3, and the signature must not be more than six months old at the time of reentry to the U.S.
  • Valid Passport Valid F-1 visa in the passport, except for Canadian citizens
  • Employment Authorization Document (EAD, the plastic card)issued by USCIS
  • Valid DS-2019 with VISA office Immigration Partner’s signature at bottom right corner of page one
  • Travel signature should be within 12 months of return date
  • Valid J-1 visa, except for Canadian citizens
  • Valid passport
  • J-2 dependents must have their own valid DS-2019 forms, with valid travel signatures
  • If CSMC is not your program sponsor, the signature must be from your J-1 program sponsor
  • More information can be obtained from our Applying for a J-1 Visa Stamp document.




  • Valid U.S. visa, except for Canadian citizens
  • Valid passport (Note:  scholars with passports that will expire before the end of the approved E-3, H-1B or O-1 period of stay  (see Form I-797) will be given an expiration date, on re-entry, up to the expiration of the passport only.)
  •  Valid I-797 Approval Notice
  • Copy of all supporting documents:
    • Form 1-797A  approval notice
    • I-129
    • Labor Condition Application (except O-1)
  • Click on Travel and Re-entry for more information
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