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Hero image credit: Reprinted from Obesity, volume 16, issue 6, Copyright 2008, with permission from Wiley-Blackwell, a publishing business of John Wiley & Sons.

Model of what obesity linked gut microorganisms looks like.

Obesity may be linked to microorganisms living in the gut

Obesity may be linked to microorganisms living in the gut We are conducting the first large-scale human study to show an association between gas production and body weight.

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Man getting a good nights sleep to help regulate insulin resistance.

Molecular link between insufficient sleep and insulin resistance

Researchers at the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute have discovered a measurable difference in how fat tissue responds to insulin after as little as four nights of restricted sleep.

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Featured Faculty

Viorica Ionut, MD, PhD

"Our research focuses on the role of gut hormones in type 2 diabetes and obesity."
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Featured Research

Bergman Laboratory

"We investigate obesity as a cause of diabetes and seek approaches to ameliorate these two conditions."

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HOMA-IR: Poor Surrogate Measure of Insulin Resistance

HOMA-IR Fails at Low Insulin Secretion

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