Current Research

Cedars-Sinai is at the forefront of innovation in imaging research. The Biomedical Imaging Research Institute brings together leading scientists and physicians across multiple medical specialties to develop and translate novel imaging techniques into the clinical setting. The ultimate goal is improved medical diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.


Cardiovascular Imaging: Clinical Research

Major investigators and collaborators: Reza Arsanjani, MD; Noel Bairey-Merz, MD; Daniel Berman, MD; John Friedman, MD; Sean Hayes MD; Rola Saouaf, MD and Louise Thomson, MBChB

Our research objectives are:

  • To develop and validate cardiac SPECT, PET, CT and MRI methods for optimal application to patients with suspected or known coronary artery disease for prevention of cardiac events in asymptomatic patients, diagnosis in symptomatic patients, risk-stratification and guiding patient management.
  • To develop technical approaches that increase the information provided by the test and objectify the performance, analysis and interpretation of test results so that our results can have maximal generalizability.


Cardiovascular Imaging: Technical and Pre-Clinical Research

Major investigators and collaborators: Rohan Dharmakumar, PhD; Zhaoyang Fan, PhD; Debiao Li, PhD and Behzad Sharif, PhD

Our research objectives are:

  • To develop novel MRI techniques for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic monitoring of cardiovascular disease, particularly coronary artery disease.
  • To apply and validate these technique in animal models and patients, in close collaboration with clinicians.


Cardiovascular Imaging: Quantitative Image Analysis

Major investigators and collaborators: DaminiDey, PhD; Guido Germano, PhD and Piotr Slomka, PhD

Our research objectives are to develop and validate novel computer techniques, and to enhance and quantify the information derived from complex multidimensional cardiac images.

Oncology and Metabolic Imaging

Major investigators and collaborators: Leland Chung, PhD; Benedick Fraass, PhD; Julia Ljubimova, MD, PhD; Ramachandran Murali PhD; V. Krishnan Ramanujan, PhD; Rola Saouaf, MD; Shawn Wagner, PHD and Alan Waxman, MD

Our research objectives are to develop new and better methods for cancer detection, monitoring and treatment evaluation through the use of the translational Research Imaging Core and collaboration with clinicians. The program is based on developing faster and higher resolution techniques as well as research into directly imaging the metabolic changes that occur with cancer. The program builds on the core research programs available at Cedars-Sinai to develop new cancer targeting contrast agents and also introduces new technology that can greatly enhance the MR signal.


Neuroimaging Research

Major investigators and collaborators: Keith Black, MD; Patrick Lyden, MD; Franklin Moser, MD; Barry Pressman, MD and Nancy Sicotte, MD

Our research goals are to develop and apply advanced PET and MRI techniques in basic and clinical neurological and neuro-oncology research, focusing on five areas: neuro-oncology, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, stroke and dementia.


MR Imaging and Spectroscopy in Diabetes and Obesity

Major investigators and collaborators: Richard Bergman, PhD and Lidia Szczepaniak, PhD

Our research goals are to develop and apply MR imaging and spectroscopy for obesity and type II diabetes.


Skeletal Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy Imaging

Major investigators and collaborators: Dan Gazit, PhD, DMD and WafaTawackoli, PhD

Our research goals are to develop and apply novel MRI and PET imaging techniques for skeletal regeneration and stem cell therapy.