Biobank & Translational Research Core

Biobank and Translational Research Core Divisions

Biobank and Translational Research CoreThe Biobank and Translational Research Core provides high quality biospecimens for translational research and resources for high-throughput analysis of biospecimens.

The Biobank and Translational Research Core consist of four divisions.

  • Biobanking—Biorepository that currently houses more than 60,000 biospecimens and offers services including prospective collections, biospecimen processing and −80°C freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks for storage
  • Histology and Molecular Pathology—Research pathology, histology and immunohistochemistry services
  • Instrumentation—State-of-the-art research instrumentation that is available for self-use after training
  • Microscopy and Image Analysis—Imaging and digital image analysis tools for quantitative measurements in biospecimens

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