Clinical and Translational Science at Cedars-Sinai

Cedars-Sinai is a partner institution in the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), an academic-clinical-community partnership designed to accelerate scientific discoveries and clinical breakthroughs to improve health in the most populous and diverse county in the United States. Our mission is to create a borderless clinical and translational research institute that brings UCLA innovations and resources to bear on the greatest health needs of Los Angeles.

This partnership brings together the resources of four major Los Angeles institutions:

  • UCLA
  • Cedars-Sinai
  • Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science
  • Los Angeles Biomedical Institute at Harbor UCLA Medical Center

In addition, we have partnered with 28 leading community service organizations, advocacy groups, health delivery networks, churches and schools that are already activated and attuned to issues of health care access, affordability and quality.

We are aligning our strengths to support clinical and translational science that is in full partnership with and responsive to the needs of our Los Angeles community. Our UCLA CTSI is bridging disciplinary and institutional boundaries to create transdisciplinary teams focused on the greatest opportunities as well as the greatest needs in our region.

To accomplish our mission, the UCLA CTSI has established five goals:

  • Create an academic home for clinical and translational science that integrates and builds on the many strengths of UCLA and its partners
  • Build transdisciplinary research teams to accelerate and translate discovery to improve health
  • Transform educational and career development programs to promote the next generation of clinician investigators and translational scientists
  • Advance and expand strong bi-directional academic-community partnerships to ensure that new scientific discovery is relevant to community needs
  • Serve as a national resource for collaborative research through regional, statewide and national CTSA consortia.

To learn more about the CTSI and to access its resources: UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

CTSI Welcome Packet for Cedars-Sinai