Flow Cytometry Core

Flow cytometry is widely used in areas of research that require analysis or isolation of cells from suspension. This technology makes use of fluorescent probes targeted to specific cell-associated molecules to characterize the diversity and function of complex cell populations. In addition to analysis,fluorescence-activated cell sorters can individually identify and isolate live cells with defined phenotype that can later be expanded and/or further studied.

The Cedars-Sinai Flow Cytometry Core is equipped with state-of-art equipment for cell analysis and sorting. Specialized staff is available Monday through Friday to assist users in analysis and to perform cell sorting. The core is open for independent acquisition by trained users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to providing flow cytometry–related services and consultation, the core seeks to make the newest advances in flow cytometry technology available to the research community. With institutional support, the core sponsors and organizes technology seminars and flow cytometry–related basic courses for Cedars-Sinai users. The core is under the direction of Gislaine Martins, PhD, who is a member of the F. Widjaja Foundation Inflammatory Bowel and Immunobiology Research Institute and an assistant professor at the Department of Medicine and the Department of Biomedical Sciences Research, Division of Immunology. Research in the Martins Laboratory focuses on T lymphocyte function in health and disease.