User Information

New users must register and receive training before using core equipment. Registration requires the submission of a completed web-based New User Form. Only after submitting the New User form and receiving training will users be allowed to sign up on the online calendar and use flow cytometry core equipment.

Sorter machines are only operated by Flow Cytometry Core staff. All sorter users must sign-up in advance on the online calendar, and follow the guidelines for preparing samples for sorting and complete a web-based Pre-Sort Form.

The Flow Cytometry Core staff is available for consultation on fluorochrome choice/sorting strategy for users who need help planning their cell sorting experiments.

When planning a flow cytometry experiment:

  • Confirm with which instrument configuration the fluorescent labels and their combinations will be viewed.
  • Read the sample preparation protocol.
  • Schedule an appointment in the online calendar.
  • Bring filtered samples to the core lab to be analyzed or sorted (if sorting, don’t forget collection tubes or plates.).