User Information

User Guide

1. Register your samples and payment information on iLAB.

2. Login with your Cedars-Sinai webmail username and password. Register samples for each new service (please note there is a surcharge for external users).

3. Bring your samples to the Genomics Core.

  • Please see detailed sample requirements at our iLab service request page.

4. Login to iLAB to retrieve service results. For raw sequencing and qPCR data, log in to Genomics Cloud.

Acknowledging Our Contribution

Please do remember us when you are preparing scholarly reports, presentations, posters, papers and all other publications. All work performed in any Cedars-Sinai institutional shared facilities should be acknowledged. Authorship and acknowledgment are important metrics that our success is measured by. Proper acknowledgment of core facilities enables us to obtain financial and other support, so that we may continue to provide essential services in the best ways possible.

Core facility personnel are scientists. When we make an intellectual and/or experimental contribution to a publication, or the work carried out has been significantly more than would normally be expected, you might consider naming that core staff in the acknowledgment or adding that individual as a co-author on the paper. Of course, it's up to you to decide authorship and/or acknowledgment.

As a courtesy, we offer the following example descriptions on our services. Please feel free to custom it to better fit your grant proposals or manuscripts.