Services and Prices

Imaging Core, Services, Prices

Our Services

  • Human research and diagnostic clinical imaging (3T MRI, PET/MR)
  • Large animal imaging (3T MRI, PET/MR)
  • Small animal imaging (9.4T MRI, CT, SPECT, PET, Optical, X-RAD image-guided radiation therapy)
  • Assisted use by experienced technical staff, including licensed imaging technologists and RN
  • Advanced image acquisition, analysis and post-processing support
  • Consultations on study design, imaging protocol, data analysis and post-processing
  • Custom peptide synthesis and radiolabeling
  • Advanced MR spectroscopy and analysis techniques
  • TCA cycle metabolic analysis with parahydrogen induced polarization
  • Umbrella protocols and bridge funding (BIRI Seed Grant) for pilot studies
  • Research PACS for online access to imaging data
  • Powerful post-processing and analysis workstations and software


Current research rates for Cedars-Sinai (internal) users are posted in iLab. Rates for external users can be obtained by emailing We strongly encourage all users to contact us early when planning a new study so we can help ensure the budget includes all imaging-related costs.