User Information

New Users

The following steps will get your research started at the Imaging Core as quickly as possible:

1. Contact Us
It's never too soon to contact the Imaging Core regarding your study. Whether for budgetary information needed for a grant application or questions about IRB or IACUC submissions, the core encourages users to get in touch early in the process. Please contact Grant Dagliyan at with your questions.

2. Register in iLab
We use an online system called iLab to manage equipment reservations and other requests such as project initiation, facility access requests, etc. All study personnel who will schedule reservations or need badge access to the Imaging Core facility must register for an individual iLab account. All Cedars-Sinai principal investigators are automatically registered; however, they must approve account requests and assign project ID numbers for their lab members. Step-by-step instructions can be found on iLab Getting Started Information (PDF) .

3. Complete Safety Training
All users are required to complete mandatory online safety training and attend the Imaging Core training and tour prior to using the Imaging Core. In addition, human subjects researchers and staff will need to provide proof of CPR certification. Any users handling radioactive materials or subjects will need to provide proof of completing Cedars-Sinai radiation safety training. We recommend reviewing these details early on since depending on the training schedules, completing the requirements may take some time. Details can be found on our Facility Access page.

4. Request Facility Access
After completing all applicable safety training, submit a RIC/Davis Facility Access Request on the "Other Requests" tab within iLab. Details can be found on our Facility Access page.

5. Submit Project Initiation Request
When you are almost ready to begin (protocol, workflow, regulatory, funding near finalized), please submit a Project Initiation Request on the "Other Requests" tab within iLab.

6. Kick-off Meeting
Depending on the study, a brief kick-off meeting may be scheduled prior to the start of the study to review the finalized imaging protocol and workflow with all related parties. Once we receive your Project Initiation Request, we will let you know whether a kick-off meeting will be needed.

Existing Users

1. Study Progress
Once a study has been initiated, it is the responsibility of the principal investigator and research coordinator to inform the Imaging Core of changes to any of the following by emailing

  • IRB or IACUC approval status, including continuations
  • Protocol amendments
  • Billing account number (project ID)
  • Study closure

2. New Projects
Existing users need to submit a Project Initiation Form through iLab for all new projects. A kick-off meeting will be scheduled if needed.

Please contact Program Manager Grant Dagliyan at, if you have questions or need assistance.