General Guidelines

  • Only users that have completed all steps listed on the User Information page may begin scheduling.
  • Reservations are scheduled through iLab and must include all time the actual scanner room will be needed, as well as setup and cleanup. Pre- and post-imaging activities that do not take place in the scanner room do not need to be included in the reserved time unless they require technical staff assistance.
  • Human studies requiring an imaging nurse or large animal studies requiring an animal associate must be scheduled according to staff availability, which can be found on the iLab calendar.
  • Human volunteers should arrive at least 30-45 minutes before the start of the scan to allow for informed consent, MR safety screening, gowning, and IV insertion (if applicable).
  • Users may request a recurring reservation by emailing the technologist or associate.
  • Researchers are responsible for contacting Comparative Medicine directly to arrange or reschedule large animal prep and transportation.


Cancellation Policy

  • Reservations must be cancelled at least 72 hours before the reserved start time to avoid penalty. The purpose of the penalty is to minimize last minute cancellations, which impact all users of the shared resources by causing less effective scheduling, unused scanner time, and lost revenue.
  • The penalty for late cancellations is half of the total reserved time. For example, if a 2-hour session is reserved on an equipment with a $150 hourly rate, the late cancellation penalty would be $150.
  • Early cancellations are made by the User deleting the reservation from the iLab calendar. Users are unable to delete late cancellations (less than 72 hours in advance) and must contact the Imaging Core technologist or associate to cancel.
  • For special circumstances, a penalty waiver can be requested by submitting a Late Cancellation Penalty Waiver Request through iLab.The request must be received by the last day of the month with the cancelled reservation.

Last reviewed and updated: 9/5/2014