Answer ALS Project

The Answer ALS project entails creating up to 1,000 unique stem cell (iPSC) lines from ALS patients and healthy controls. These stem cells and their derived cells of the brain and spinal cord can be used to model the disease on a large scale, across many variations of ALS. This will allow scientists a deeper look at the mechanisms of a fatal neurodegenerative disease like ALS. To learn more about the Answer ALS project, please visit

Cedars-Sinai is leading the generation of these unique iPSCs and their derived motor neurons from blood of patients collected across multiple clinical sites in the US along with deep clinical data. These cells will be used in big data projects and large-scale omics investigations. The AnswerALS Data Portal contains aggregated metadata and associated data from the AnswerALS research project. Bulk data download is available upon request. We will continue to upload data to the portal for distribution as it is released.

The Answer ALS project cell lines are generated using nonintegrating episomal plasmids and are maintained in a feeder free environment. Each line will be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that contains important information pertaining to each cell line (i.e., culturing information and characterization results).

How to order Answer ALS Project cell lines:

  • Access the Answer ALS Project Lines Spreadsheet 
    • The link above will open a new window containing the list of Answer ALS Project iPSC lines.
    • Download the file by clicking File -> Download As -> Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
    • Use the Data -> Filter function in Excel to sort through the samples. Samples can be sorted by across many categories including disease, mutation, age, gender, race and rate of progression. Rate of progression has been calculated by averaging the point change per month in FRS score. A negative rate of progression indicates a decrease in FRS.
  • Fill out the Cedars-Sinai MTA Questionnaire
    • Select “I am REQUESTING items from the iPSC Core” from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the cell lines you wish to request under the “Cell Lines” section.
  • The iPSC Core will contact you with the next steps.

Pricing for the iPSC line cryovials (partially subsidized by the Answer ALS project*): 

Academic Pricing*

Industry Pricing