User Information

  • New users need to be trained in specialized stem cell culture techniques prior to initiating projects in the RMI iPSC Core. The core provides such training upon request.
  • Projects pertaining to the generation of new iPS cell lines require IRB approval by the principal investigator (PI) before the core can handle the human cell lines.
  • IACUC approvals are not required, as the core has approved protocols for teratoma injections. In the event the PI will transplant the iPSCs or their differentiated derivatives into animal models, appropriate IACUC/SCRO approvals are required.
  • Please contact the iPSC Core for pricing information regarding training, generation and characterization of iPS cell lines.



The iPSC Core trains graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and technicians in stem cell biology techniques.

To schedule an appointment for training, please contact the iPSC Core.