Seahorse XFe24 and XFe96

This instrument measures oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) in order to interrogate oxidative phosphorylation, glycolysis and fatty acid oxidation. It has a 24-well capacity per plate for examining cells or isolated mitochondria. This bioenergetic analysis allows testing multiple conditions per assay well and direct, simultaneous comparisons across wells, enabling faster throughput with smaller samples compared to traditional respirometry methods. The Seahorse work area also includes a biosafety cabinet and tissue culture incubator for preparing cell culture plates to be used with the Seahorse instruments.

Seahorse XFp

This smaller 8-well capacity instrument is ideal for experiments involving only a few samples or with limiting amounts of material. Like the XF24, the XFp monitors OCR and ECAR. It is ideal for pairwise comparisons, bioenergetic phenotyping and analysis of patient-derived samples (e.g., biopsies).

Keyence BZ-9000 Fluorescence Microscope

This easy-to-use fluorescence microscope uses advanced software for image acquisition and data analysis. Three-D deconvolution, image stitching and quantitative image analysis are straightforward. Users often perform cell counting by nuclear staining after performing Seahorse analyses to normalize data to cell number.