The Research Informatics and Scientific Computing Core (RISCC) catalog of services is listed below.

Computing Infrastructure Services

  • Access to a virtual machine cluster that can be used to generate virtual database and application web servers (both Windows and either Red Hat or CentOS Linux)
  • A high-performance computing cluster (CentOS Linux)
  • Centrally managed storage, backed up daily
  • Enterprise-licensed software supplied at no charge
    • EndNote
    • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)
    • Oracle
    • MATLAB
    • Microsoft Office (Standard Edition)
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (on virtual servers only)
    • JMP and SAS
    • REDCap

Request access (for internal users only)

Analysis and Consulting

  • Analysis to determine best approach for data collection, storage, etc.
  • Assistance with selection of hardware/software solutions
  • Support for installation and implementation of application
  • Estimates for budget proposals

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Application Development

  • Custom application development (PHP, Java, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Database application development platforms
    • REDCap (billable if a RISCC developer will be building the application)
    • RDR/TRICS (internally developed platform)

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