Viral Vector Core

The purpose of the Viral Vector Core is to provide preclinical grade, low-cost, ready-to-use viral vectors to the Cedars-Sinai research community for the advancement of basic and translational research efforts.

  • Provide vectors of lenti and adeno viral origins.
  • Evaluate and optimize vector constructs.
  • Provide small- or large-scale vector production services, including packaging the vector constructs, concentrating viral particles, measuring viral vector titer (p24/ml, TU/ml), and quality control.  
  • Make available pre-made vectors carrying reporter genes, including fluorescent markers or luciferase.
  • Provide, under special circumstances, whole genome or pathway-specific cDNA or shRNA containing lenti vector libraries of human and mouse origins for high-content screening.
  • Provide custom vector services, including cloning requested gene (cDNA) or shRNA  into appropriate vector and providing sequence analysis, protein expression verification and vector production.



Panels show human cells (HEK-293) used for producing an adenovirus vector carrying a green fluorescent protein gene. A. Bright field microscopic view of infected cells showing virus-mediated cellular changes (note: rounded up cells). B. Fluorescent microscopic view of panel A displaying fluorescent protein produced by adenoviral vector.

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