Lab Members

Zhi Cheng, MD, MS

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Zhi Cheng, MD, MS, joined the Frykman Laboratory in 2007 to study molecular mechanism of HAEC and serves as the lab manager. He has been focused on investigating the Ednrb/ET3 pathway and it's potential role in lymphocyte development after observing a phenotype of lymphoenia in Ednrb-null mice. In the past decade, he had been responsible or played key roles in several projects including retrovirus-host interactions, new approaches for detecting and treating viral diseases, and applications of probiotics in the therapy of gut diseases.

Xiao Wang, MD, MS

Postdoctoral Fellow Email:

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Xiao Wang, MD, MS, received her medical training in China and practiced as an ophthalmologist in Beijing. She joined the Department of Neurosurgery in 2003 and created microsurgical animal models to study the permeability of brain tumors to chemotherapy. Wang's lab work has been focused on role of EDNRB gene in B lymphopoiesis using the Ednrb- and ET3-null mice. She has conducted experiments to study immune cell trafficking in the gut and its relationship to HAEC. She is currently focusing on studying microbiome perturbations in children with Hirschsprung disease who developed HAEC compared with those who do not develop HAEC.