Karlan Laboratory

The Women’s Cancer Program, led by Beth Karlan, MD, emphasizes translational research with cross-disciplinary linkages to Cedars-Sinai’s clinical programs.

The Women’s Cancer Program is studying cancer biology with an eye toward developing new approaches to early detection, prevention and individualized treatments that will improve overall cancer survival and quality of life for women.

The Women’s Cancer Program conducts a wide variety of laboratory research and clinical trials.The goals of the Women’s Cancer Program include:

  • Fostering research between scientists and physicians and accelerate the translation of innovative laboratory discoveries directly to women with breast and/or gynecologic cancers.
  • Using these insights to identify “druggable” molecular targets and companion diagnostics for early detection, prognostication and therapy.
  • Identifying modifiable risk factors that can be optimized to reduce the cancer burden in women.
  • Working side-by-side with Cedars-Sinai patient care programs to integrate research findings across a wide spectrum of programs devoted to preventing, diagnosing and treating women's cancers.

The Karlan Laboratory is affiliated with the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute and Women's Health Services.


*Pictured in photo above: Bottom row (Left to Right): Qiang Wang, PhD; Dennis Huang, PhD; Hasmik Agadjanian, PhD; Jessica Beach; Lourdes Hernandez; Hang Tran; Beth Karlan, MD; Leah Sabacan; Maricel Gozo; Yanli Jin, PhD; Sandra Orsulic, PhD; PJ Aspuria, PhD; BJ Rimel, MD; Carl Miller, PhD.

Back row (Left to Right): Anthony Braswell, MBA, MHA; Ruprecht Wiedemeyer, PhD; Jenny Lester, MPH, CCRP; Tracy Mizuno; Christine Walsh, MD; Bingchen Han, PhD; Elena Diaz, MD; Diane Park, CCRP; Ellen Cheon, PhD; Barbie Taylor-Harding, PhD; Mecca Madany; Xiaojiang Cui, PhD.