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Selected Key Publications

Sanchez M, Kolar SL, Muller S, Reyes CN, Wolf AJ, Ogawa C, deCarvalho D, Arditi M, Underhill DM, Martins GA, Liu GY. O-acetylation of peptidoglycan limits helper T cell priming and permits Staphylococcus aureus reinfection. Cell Host Microbe. 2017 Oct 11;22(4):543-551.

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Sabrina Müller, Wolf AJ, Iliev ID, Berg BL, Underhill DM, Liu GY. Poorly cross-linked peptidoglycan in MRSA due to mecA induction activates the inflammasome and exacerbates immunopathology. Cell Host Microbe. 2015;18(5):604-612.

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