Ljubimov Laboratory

Donor human cornea for stem cell studies.

From left: Andrei Kramerov, Sue Turjman, Ruchi Shah, Alexander Ljubimov

The Ljubimov Laboratory, under the direction of Alexander Ljubimov, PhD, director of the Eye Program at the Cedars-Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute, is focused on diabetic eye disease. The goal of the Ljubimov Lab is to unravel human stem cell alterations in diabetic eye disease and their impact on disease development, in order to restore stem cell functions for future clinical translation. In the cornea, the aim is to normalize altered epithelial stem cells by gene therapy in organ cultures.

The Ljubimov Lab has also developed a new nano gene therapy for diabetic corneal disease. Recently, the lab's focus is on the development of a new induced pluripotent stem cell-driven source of corneal epithelial stem cells for limbal stem cell deficiency. Researchers in the Ljubimov Lab are investigating corneal markers that are epigenetically suppressed in diabetes.

The Ljubimov Laboratory is affiliated with the Regenerative Medicine Institute and Department of Biomedical Sciences.