Lab Members

Padmesh Rajput, PhD

Padmesh S. Rajput, PhD, MSc, BPharm

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Padmesh Rajput, PhD, received his bachelor of pharmacy in India and his master of science in molecular biology in the United Kingdom. He received his doctorate from University of British Columbia, Canada, with an emphasis in neurodegenerative diseases. After completing his PhD, Rajput joined the Lyden Laboratory as a postdoc and is currently working as a Research Scientist I (Faculty) on translational and preclinical projects. He also manages collaborative projects at Cedars-Sinai, as well as other institutions. Rajput's research focus includes translational and preclinical research to establish effective therapeutic approaches for stroke therapy, determining the role of thrombin and thrombin receptors in pathophysiology of stroke, role of therapeutic hypothermia in stroke and developing new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches using microRNA and exosomes in ischemia.

Konrad Schlick, MD

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Konrad Schlick, MD, completed his bachelor of science in biochemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, followed by his medical degree from the Ohio State University. He trained in internal medicine at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, and completed his neurology residency at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Afterward, he did fellowship training in vascular neurology at both UCSD and Cedars-Sinai. Schlick is currently a stroke neurologist in the Department of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai. His research interests include the biologic underpinnings of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.

Mani K. Nezhad, MD

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Mani Nezhad, MD, completed his bachelor of science in biology at the University of Southern California. He then pursued a master's degree in biophysics and physiology at Georgetown University, followed by his medical degree also at Georgetown. Nezhad completed his internship at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach, California, and neurology residency at Cedars-Sinai. He is a vascular neurology fellow at Cedars-Sinai. Nezhad's research interests include hypothermia for acute stroke and determining cell protein changes during acute stroke.

Jessica Lamb

Jessica Lamb, BA

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Jessica Lamb, BA, received her bachelor of arts in biology with an emphasis in chemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her background is in veterinary medicine and behavioral research. Before coming to Cedars-Sinai, she worked as a research assistant in the Internal Medicine Department at Washington University in St. Louis and as a research intern at the St. Louis Zoo. Since joining the Lyden Laboratory, Lamb has been involved in behavioral research and surgical refinement of the stroke model, as well as managing the lab. Her research focus is stroke pathophysiology and interventional therapy.

Shweta Kothari, MS

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Shweta Kothari, MS, received her bachelor's degree in biotechnology from India and her master's degree in biochemistry from California State University Long Beach with a focus on understanding the structural-functional relationship of lipoproteins involved in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. She joined the Lyden Laboratory to further her knowledge and understanding of the pathophysiology of ischemic stroke using spectroscopic, biophysical and cell biology approaches.

I-Farn Lei

I-Farn Lei, BA

PhD Candidate Email:

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I-Farn Lei, BA, completed her bachelor of arts in psychology at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). While at UCSD, she volunteered for three years as a research associate involved in the field of autism research. As a graduate student in the Lyden Laboratory, she is developing a novel method to intra-arterially deliver neural progenitor cells into an ischemic brain after stroke injury. Her focus is translational stroke research.