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Selected Key Publications

Zacharias NM, McCullough CR, Wagner S, Sailasuta N, Chan HR, Lee Y, Hu J, Perman WH, Henneberg C, Ross BD, Bhattacharya P. Towards real-time metabolic profiling of cancer with hyperpolarized succinate. J Mol Imaging Dyn. 2016 Jun;6(1). pii: 123.

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Sims JD, Hwang JY, Wagner S, Alonso-Valenteen F, Hanson C, Taguiam JM, Polo R, Harutyunyan I, Karapetyan G, Sorasaenee K, et al. A corrole nanobiologic elicits tissue-activated MRI contrast enhancement and tumor-targeted toxicity. J Control Release. 2015 Aug 31;217:92-101.

Patil R, Gangalum PR, Wagner S, Portilla-Arias J, Ding H, Rekechenetskiy A, Konda B, Inoue S, Black KL, Ljubimova JY, Holler E. Curcumin targeted, polymalic acid-based MRI contrast agent for the detection of Aβ plaques in Alzheimer's disease. Macromol Biosci. 2015 Sep;15(9):1212-1217.

Patil R, Ljubimov AV, Gangalum PR, Ding H, Portilla-Arias J, Wagner S, Inoue S, Konda B, Rekechenetskiy A, Chesnokova A, et al. MRI virtual biopsy and treatment of brain metastatic tumors with targeted nanobioconjugates: nanoclinic in the brain. ACS Nano. 2015;9(5):5594-5608.

Glöggler S, Grunfeld AM, Ertas YN, McCormick J, Wagner S, Schleker PP, Bouchard LS. A nanoparticle catalyst for heterogeneous phase para-hydrogen-induced polarization in water. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2015;54(8):2452-2456.

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Wagner S. Conversion rate of para-hydrogen to ortho-hydrogen by oxygen: implications for PHIP gas storage and utilization. MAGMA. 2014 Jun;27(3):195-199.

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