Personal Statement

I am an immunologist trained at the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University. I have been conducting research at Cedars-Sinai since 1997, and currently hold an academic appointment as associate professor in the Department of Neurosurgery. My Wheeler Laboratory studies the impact of adaptive immune cell aging on brain diseases, with a particular emphasis on age-related CD8 T cells in glioma and Alzheimer's. We are also focused on changes to immune receptor glycans that promote self antigen reactivity during aging, and the enzymes that modulate these. My team is currently developing a novel model for neurodegeneration induced by age-associated T cells, and characterizing a novel T cell-modulating function of IDH1, which is down-regulated in Alzheimer's and mutated in a subset of gliomas. The Joseph Drown Foundation and Uncle Kory Foundation currently provides financial support for work in the Wheeler Lab.