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Selected Key Publications

Junes-Gill KS, Lawrence CE, Wheeler CJ, Cordner R, Gill TG, Mar V, Shiri L, Basile LA. Human Hematopoietic Signal peptide-containing Secreted 1 (hHSS1) modulates genes and pathways in glioma: implications for the regulation of tumorigenicity and angiogenesis. BMC Cancer. 2014 Dec 6;14:920.

Wheeler CJ, Seksenyan A, Koronyo Y, Rentsendorj A, Sarayba D, Wu H, Gragg A, Siegel E, Thomas D, Espinosa A, et al. T-lymphocyte deficiency exacerbates behavioral deficits in the 6-OHDA unilateral lesion rat model for Parkinson's disease. J Neurol Neurophysiol. 2014 May;5(3). pii: 209.

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Phuphanich S, Wheeler CJ, Rudnick JD, Mazer M, Wang H, Nuño MA, Richardson JE, Fan X, Ji J, Chu RM, et al. Phase I trial of a multi-epitope-pulsed dendritic cell vaccine for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2013 Jan;62(1):125-135.

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