Yu Laboratory

Research in the Yu Laboratory is focused on immunotherapy for brain tumors, the cancer stem cell and its microenvironment in brain tumors, cancer stem cell–specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes, cancer stem cell signaling, the mechanism of cancer invasion, and targeted immunochemotherapy using nanotechnology.

The Yu Lab has developed dendritic cell-vaccine-based immunotherapy for brain tumors that has led to multi-institutional, randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials. The lab has also identified cancer stem cells in glioblastoma and benign tumors. Novel activated T cell therapies for glioblastoma are being translated from the lab to the clinic. Additionally, the Yu Lab has identified stem cell genes and metabolic genes that are deleted and amplified in glioblastoma and is developing strategies to exploit these mechanisms for tumor therapy.

The Yu Laboratory is affiliated with Cedars-Sinai Neurology & Neurosurgery and Brain Tumor Center.