Research News


June 21—Scientists Find Key to Control Neural Protein
June 21—Rapoport, MD, Wins Lifetime Achievement Award
June 21—Ronald G. Victor, MD, Collects PRISM Award
June 21—Graduates Celebrate Hard Work, Promising Future
June 14—Ahn and Neeman Win 2018 Rubenstein Award
May 24—Corday Winner Sees Big Future in Tiny Particles
May 10—Women's Research Seminar Features 3 Trailblazers
May 7—Cedars-Sinai Awarded $2.6 Million to Study Depression in Heart Failure Patients
May 3—Researchers Focus on Understanding the Mental Health of New Mothers
May 3—Nikolova and Palatinus Win Clinical Fellows Award
May 2—Study Sheds Light on How "Dopamine Neurons" Contribute to Memory Formation in Humans
Apr. 26.—Noble Elected Council Member for AAP
Apr. 19—Scientists Re-Create Brain Neurons to Study Obesity and Personalize Treatment
Apr. 19—First VR Symposium Peers into Healthcare Future
Apr. 17—ALS Treatment Delays Disease and Extends Life in Rats
Apr. 9—New Cardiac MRI Technique Shortens Testing Time, Potentially Increases Diagnostic Accuracy
Apr. 2—Scientists Discover New Method for Measuring Cellular Age
Mar. 23—Brain's Tiniest Blood Vessels Trigger Spinal Motor Neurons to Develop
Mar. 22—Brainworks Student Program Celebrates 20 Years
Mar. 15—Long Beach Students Present Research Findings
Mar. 15—Cedars-Sinai Investigator Awarded Grant to Study Esophageal Cancer
Mar. 12—Barbershop-Based Healthcare Study Lowers High Blood Pressure in African-American Men
Mar. 3—Research Day: Crafting Cancer-Killing Drugs
Feb. 27—Cedars-Sinai Surgeon Uses Modern Technology to Solve Prehistoric Mystery
Feb. 22—Cardiac Cell Therapy for Heart Failure Caused by Muscular Dystrophy Also Improves Skeletal Muscle Function in Mice
Feb. 20—Cedars-Sinai and Emulate Advance Precision Medicine With Organs-on-Chips, Stem Cells
Feb. 20—Women Once Considered Low Risk for Heart Disease Shown to Have Evidence of Previous Heart Attack
Feb. 16—Scientists Produce Human Intestinal Lining That Re-Creates Living Tissue Inside Organ-Chip
Feb. 15—Malaniak Awards Recognize Postdoctoral Research
Feb. 15—New Type of Immune Cell Identified in Lung
Feb. 14—Harbor Freight Tools Owner and His Foundation Give $50M to Create Smidt Heart Institute
Feb. 12—Obesity, Other Risks Play Large Role in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Among the Young
Feb. 7—Diet May Influence the Spread of a Deadly Type of Breast Cancer, Study Finds
Jan. 26—Stenting System Shown to Benefit Certain Stroke Patients
Jan. 24—Study Provides New Guidelines for Assessing Severity of Head and Neck Cancers
Jan. 15—Analysis Shows Lack of Evidence That Wearable Biosensors Improve Patient Outcomes