Research News


March 29 - Cedars-Sinai Study Finds Virtual Reality Therapy Helps Decrease Pain in Hospitalized Patients
March 9 - Cedars-Sinai Neuroscientists Pinpoint Key Gene Controlling Tumor Growth in Brain Cancers
March 8 - Study: Hormone Replacement Therapy May Help Improve Women's Heart Health, Overall Survival
March 22 - Delivering Prescriptions for Student Success
Feb. 27 - Cedars-Sinai to Study Most Effective Ways for Doctors to Discuss Opioid Use With Patients Suffering From Chronic Pain
Feb. 23 - Three Scientists Win 2017 Winnick Award
Feb. 23 - Identifying Research Needs in Brain Injuries
Feb. 21 - Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute Awarded $3 Million to Develop Biological Pacemakers as Alternatives to Electronic Devices
Feb. 20 - Cedars-Sinai Investigators Identify Human Brain Processes Critical to Short-Term Memory
Feb. 16 - Heart-Focused Studies Earn Malaniak Awards
Feb. 13 - Cedars-Sinai, UCLA Scientists Use New 'Blood Biopsies' With Experimental Device to Speed Cancer Diagnosis and Predict Disease Spread
Feb. 2 - New Treatment Regimen Extends Life for Some Men With Recurrent Prostate Cancer, Study Finds
Jan. 31 - New Technology Alleviates Tinnitus by Retraining the Brain to Ignore Ringing in the Ears
Jan. 26 - Research Day Highlights Hearts and Minds
Jan. 24 - Cedars-Sinai to Jump-Start Medical Innovations at Healthcare Accelerator
Jan. 19 - Study Finds African-American Gene Risks for IBD
Jan. 9 - Catheter Safeguards at Hospitals Reduce Infections and Save Money, Study Shows