Research News


April 25—Adkins and Kwan Win Clinical Fellows Award
April 4—Cedars-Sinai Precision Health Awards $700,000
April 8—Study of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Shows 18 Percent Misdiagnosed
April 7—Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD, Elected to Association of American Physicians
April 4—Study: Protein Key to Charcot-Marie-Tooth, Other Nerve Diseases
April 4—Students Become Neuroscientists For a Day
April 4—Conference Peers Into VR's Future in Medicine
April 4—Cedars-Sinai Precision Health Awards $700,000
April 3—New Treatments Can Prevent Aneurysms From Becoming Critical
Mar 28—Making Waves in Science: Nancy Sicotte, MD
Mar 28—Kimchi, MD, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Mar 26—Cedars-Sinai Takes Multipronged Approach to Reduce Health Inequities
Mar. 21—Making Waves in Science: Pamela Roberts
Mar. 21—Research Links Crohn's Disease to Skin Fungus
Mar. 20—Study: Protein Linked to Cancer Growth Drives Deadly Lung Disease
Mar. 15—Study: Hospital Payment Program Not Linked to Higher African-American Death Rate
Mar. 14—Making Waves in Science: Jennifer Van Eyk
Mar. 14—Student Researchers Present Their Work
Mar. 13—Susan Cheng, MD, Named Erika J. Glazer Chair in Women's Cardiovascular Health
Mar. 7—Making Waves in Science: Janine Bilsborough
Mar. 4—Hypertension Study Based in African-American Barbershops Honored
Feb. 21—Young Bone Marrow Rejuvenates Aging Mouse Brains, Study Finds
Feb. 20—Study Finds Way to Potentially Improve Immunotherapy for Cancer
Feb. 7—Stellar Science Showcased at Malaniak Awards
Feb. 6—Patrick Lyden, MD, Receives Eminent American Stroke Association Award
Feb. 5—Measuring Patient Steps Post Surgery Can Predict Hospital Stays
Jan. 30—Translating Patient Feedback Into Better Cancer Treatments
Jan. 24—Why Liver Transplant Waitlists Might Misclassify High-Risk Patients
Jan. 10—Inventing the Future of Stem Cell Science
Jan. 9—National Geographic Features Cedars-Sinai’s Stem-Cell Science