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Current Research

Our research aims to understand neurological diseases and make scientific discoveries to improve treatments for patients. Our world-class research team is exploring a range of complex neurological conditions, including brain tumors, ALS, stroke and multiple sclerosis. 

Cedars-Sinai researchers are identifying early diagnostic markers and investigating innovative therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer’s disease in preclinical and clinical studies.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are identifying safer, more effective treatments for ruptured and nonruptured aneurysms and developing methods for early detection.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are identifying causes of malignant and benign brain tumors and developing effective drugs and cellular therapies to treat them. This research spans preclinical and clinical studies and incorporates immune and stem cell therapy.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are investigating neural mechanisms of learning, memory and decision-making, and how these mechanisms fail in people with epilepsy, movement disorders and autism.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are developing immunotherapy treatment options for brain tumors and age-related neurodegenerative diseases in preclinical and clinical studies.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are developing novel intraoperative imaging technology to reliably delineate brain tumors from normal cortex and assist neurosurgeons in achieving accurate tumor resection. Our research is preclinical and clinical.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are investigating molecular pathways regulating neural stem cell behavior and how these signals migrate and lead to brain tumorgenesis.

Cedars-Sinai neurologists are investigating various movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and dystonia. Our investigations seek to determine causes for these disorders and identify new treatments to improve symptoms and slow progression.

Cedars-Sinai researchers aim to develop advanced, noninvasive imaging techniques to capture structural and functional changes in the brain and evaluate treatment options that change disease trajectory.

Cedars-Sinai nanotechnology researchers are utilizing basic and clinical investigations to design new cancer-fighting drugs and noninvasive imaging agents for precise tumor treatment and diagnosis.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are studying the molecular and cellular basis of neuromuscular disorders with primary emphasis on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Through our preclinical and clinical research projects we aim to develop new therapies for neuromuscular disorders.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are evaluating clinical and health-related quality of care outcomes to identify treatments benefiting patients’ recovery and survival after treatment or removal of brain tumors. This research is population-based using internal, regional and national administrative databases.

Cedars-Sinai researchers are developing new stroke therapy through generation, integration and translation of scientific information from discovery through final FDA approval of an efficacious treatment. Our projects include ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke investigations in both preclinical and clinical settings.