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Center for Translational Geroscience

The Center for Translational Geroscience focuses on improving health and wellness for all older adults through innovative research, education, and integrated clinical care. We focus on identifying and testing novel interventions and therapeutics to promote healthspan and delay or prevent age-related diseases.

Geroscience researchers in a lab

Research Areas

Discover our center's approach to clinical trials, translational research, and population-based studies in older adults.

Researchers working in a lab

Clinical Trials

We conduct clinical trials of novel agents, repurposed drugs, and behavioral interventions including diet and exercise. We examine the effect of these on measures of healthspan, such as physical function, cognition, emotional well-being, metabolic health, frailty, disability, and quality of life.


Our team comprises prominent investigators and thought leaders from diverse disciplines. We engage in innovative research, clinical advancements in geriatrics, and research and education in geriatric medicine.


The center participates and hosts events that focus on aging, geroscience, and geriatric medicine.

News & Updates

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