Research Cores

Research Cores at Cedars-Sinai are a vital collection of centralized labs and services offering state-of-the-art technology, instruments and resources to faculty, staff and other researchers. Our facilities provide world-class technical infrastructure and expertise required by medical staff and our extended community, helping researchers and scientists achieve their goals of medical discovery and delivery.

Gathering genome, transcriptome, epigenome and metagenome information for investigators.

Biobanking, instrumentation, histology and molecular pathology, microscopy and image analysis.

Behavioral testing, standard neurobehavioral assessment, and behavior phenotyping.

A shared institutional resource for biostatistical and bioinformatics consulting and related methodological research.

Facilitating biomedical research through high-quality services balanced with the ethical and humane use of animals.

Providing state-of-the-art equipment for cell analysis and sorting.

Comprehensive imaging services for basic and clinical research.

Fusing technologies that use rare earth metal isotopes from the lanthanide series as reporters.

Reprogramming, expanding and characterizing human iPS cells from human skin or blood tissues.

Providing comprehensive services for analysis of metabolism and mitochondrial function in the research setting.

A cross-disciplinary resource for researchers engaged in structural biology, therapeutics development and drug discovery research.

A proteomic biomarker discovery, development and commercialization services provider for precision medicine. 

Using mass spectrometry and immunoassay techniques for the identification and quantitation of peptides, proteins, small molecules and lipids.

Advancing the development, use and awareness of information technology.

Specializing in the production of genetically modified animals, and offering fertilization services followed by embryo transfer.

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